(Українська) Ribas rooms Lutsk — сучасний готель в історичному місті. Тут ви опинитесь як між двох епох: старовинні замки міста у порівнянні з сучасними рішеннями в інтер’єрі готелю будуть здаватися дивом та надихатимуть створювати нові витвори мистецтва у власному житті.

Ribas rooms Lutsk has 25 rooms of four categories – from a single “Standard” to a “Junior”. Equipped with the most modern interior solutions and cozy details that not only simplify life, but also visually inspire at every glance.

*business time – several hours with -40% discount from Rack Rate

In all rooms:

Breakfast included

Climate control




Mini bar

Room service

Junior Suite

The best hotel room for those who prefer spacious rooms and panoramic windows. Just imagine the view from such a room! And better watch and enjoy. 2-bed, wardrobe, desk, bedside tables, lanterns – every detail of the interior is pleasantly surprised by its comfort. The functionality and aesthetics of the Junior Suite fall in love […]


Prices start at: 1,600 per night


Standard improved

Elegant room in the style of minimalism. Waking up in the morning, be ready to start the day with a smile, because in the rooms of our hotel is no different


Prices start at: 1,500 per night



Room with a large double bed for a good night’s sleep. The room is thought out to the last detail. As in every hotel room there is a desk, wardrobe, refrigerator, satellite TV and air conditioning.


Prices start at: 1,400 per night


Standard Single

A new level hotel is when you feel like an important person in Standard. Because it is.


Prices start at: 1,200 per night